Matthew 10 International Ministries is getting ready to launch its U.S. outreach festival program. As culture in the U.S. tends more and more toward postmodernism, faith in Christ is becoming increasingly uncommon. With a decline in morality and the increasing struggles many people are facing in these hard times, there are more people than ever asking tough life questions. Jesus is the answer.

Plans are now moving forward for Matthew 10 International Ministries to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to the United States through powerful evangelistic festivals and social action outreaches. These projects will contain the same elements of our foreign outreach festivals, tailored to U.S. culture.

You will see the following at a Matthew 10 U.S. outreach festival:

  • Pastoral training

  • Friendship evangelism training

  • Training in counseling

  • Community service projects

  • Outreach festivals

  • Children’s areas

  • Skate, BMX, and Motocross segments

  • Main stage entertainment with nationally-known artists

  • Powerful evangelistic messages from Dr. Pete 

What else can you expect to find at a Matthew 10 U.S. outreach festival? You will find excitement, enthusiasm, and most of all, a passion for the message of Jesus.

Matthew 10 Ministries will use these events and activities as a means to share the Good News of Christ, building a medium for the message with sports, music, and entertainment. Each element of the U.S. festivals will be woven together with the thread of Jesus’ message of life, and will—Lord willing—reach millions with the Gospel.


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