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Often sold into sexual slavery or simply abandoned, the children of India are forced to grow up in some of the most devastating circumstances imaginable. The youth of India make up 50% of the population and those under the age of 35 make up 65% of the entire population of this nation. 

Girls are often killed at birth or aborted as they are seen as a liability to families because of the dowry required for marriages. Over 500,000 girls will be aborted this year due to a preference for male children.

India is seen as the 4th most dangerous country for women. Nearly half the girls are married off before the age of 18 and domestic violence is common.

It is for that reason, we are providing hope for the helpless and orphans of India.  

Your gift will help bring hope to children and young people who are living in the slums. With over 40 homes that work to alleviate childhood poverty, it is through the generous gifts of donors that they are able to rescue children from the brink of death or sexual slavery and educate them in both The Word and core subjects. 

slums & shelters 

With a populaiton of over 1.32 billion, India is home to one out of every six people on the planet. More than 50% of this population is under the age of 25.

Though there has been a slight improvement in the Indian economy over the past few years, slums are still home to almost 25% of the population of India. In Mumbai alone, over 55% of the population in this financial capital of India live in small shacks that are located by open sewers.

Through Matthew 10 Ministries, we provide shelter to orphans who are left to die in the slums and others who are in family situations where their lives are in imminent danger each day.

For a mere $50/month, you can provide the basic needs for children at risk in India. Your gift provides: shelter, food, clothing, education, and safety from human trafficking situations.


These children will have the opportunity to go beyond the slums of India and make a difference in their world!

billion souls campaign 

Matthew 10 International Ministries isn’t just another ministry in India—it is the ministry reaching the largest number of crowds and extending help to people who are immensely important in the eyes of God because of their suffering. While continuing to hold outreach festivals and service projects in India, we are looking forward to including U.S. festivals and festivals for Spanish-speaking communities within the scope of our ministry.


It is impossible to do this WITHOUT YOUR HELP! This is your chance to reach out to others around the world with the love of Jesus!  


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