We work with the children of India to bring hope and opportunity. Today 4000 children are under the care of our ministry partners, and over the years over 15,000 children have been taken care of.


Taking into account changing 

conventional wisdom but also the present reality, we are moving forward in not only taking care of children in 40 children homes but also in family care situations. We have targeted 4 groups of children to help and provide them with food, education, shelter, clothing, and an environment of nurture.

1. Orphan, a child who has no parents or willing relatives to care for them.

2. Semi-orphan, a child who has one parent but is in deep poverty which puts them at risk.

3. At risk child, a child who has both parents but is in a situation of abuse, and at risk for child labor, child marriage or human trafficking.

4. Child of dire poverty who has both parents who need help in giving the child a future.

With over half of the 1.32 billion people in India being under the age of 25, it has become imperative to help those abandoned by their families simply for being the wrong gender or because their parents cannot provide food and shelter for them. We believe that no child should be left behind to suffer in this manner. Therefore, we are committed to showing these children the love and compassion of Jesus Christ. He calls us to serve others, and that is exactly our intention.


Matthew 10 is a ministry dedicated to proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ, serving widows and orphans, ministering to

the sick, and empowering pastors and leaders.

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