Founded by Dr. Pete Sulack, Matthew 10 International Ministries is devoted to taking care of the less fortunate around the world.  We provide shelter, food, clothing, and eduation to children at risk who are orphaned, semi-orphaned, or in dire poverty. These children are often sold into human trafficking situations or simply left to die because they have no one to care for them. We nurture them and give them hope through our partnerships in 40 homes. But we cannot do it without YOUR HELP! 

These children cannot help themselves and without your help, they will be left to perish or suffer at the hands of abusers for the rest of their lives.

For simply $50/month, you can change the world for these children of poverty in the slums of India.  For a small girl, you can save her from abuse and sexual torment. 

YOU are the one that stands between hope and hopelessness for these children!  PLEASE HELP US PROVIDE HOPE TO THESE BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN!

Change the world by helping fund the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the earth. Matthew 10 International Ministries isn’t just another ministry in India—it is the ministry reaching the largest number of crowds and extending help to people who are immensely important in the eyes of God because of their suffering. 

Help us reach 1 billion souls with the gospel. Your monthly commitment will help evangelize, train, and build up the body of Christ. When you do this, you are joining a group of people passionate about seeing God’s work done here on this earth. You are needed!

To reach out to the lost and dying children of the world with the love and power of Jesus. We provide hope for the hopeless, help for the weary, and the basic needs that we in the United States take for granted every day. At Matthew 10 Ministries, it is our desire to see 1 billion lives transformed with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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